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My Top 5 Favorite Apps

My Top 5 Favorite Apps

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I’m not someone who likes to spend a lot of time on my phone. I will take other forms of entertainment and in-person interaction over technology any day. I do, however, view a smartphone as a tool that can help us reach goals, become healthier people, and pursue with excellence the calling God has placed on our lives. I wanted to share five of my favorite apps that I use weekly, if not daily, to help me form great habits, to feel closer to Jesus and His teachings, or simply as a great resource.


Calm (Apple or Droid) is an app for mindfulness and meditation that offers some sessions and tracking features at no cost. To obtain access to the entire app and all of its features, there are different subscription options, including monthly, yearly, and lifetime. The app has a soothing presence, and as someone whose mind is constantly moving, I’ve had an amazing experience using this app to help me focus. My favorite feature though is the app’s many soundscapes, which are accessible without a subscription.

Workout for Women

Workout for Women (Apple or Droid) provides short workouts that can be done at home and are for all levels of fitness. The routines are both voice-led and have video instructions to go along with them. If you only have 10 minutes, there’s a workout for that. If you want to do a 20-minute HIIT class but can’t make it to the gym during the allotted time, there’s a workout for that. If you are hoping for a longer session, you can do multiple workouts to add up to the time you’re hoping for. The app also tracks which days you did which workouts and the estimated calories burned.


This has helped me and my husband immensely to track our spending habits. EveryDollar (Apple or Droid) follows Dave Ramsey’s budget approach and helps its users build personalized budgets, plan how they are going to spend each dollar, and track their spending in different categories. The main point of this app is that we can tell our money, every single dollar, where to go instead of frivolously spending it and wondering where it all went by the end of the month.

Holy Bible YouVersion

Having scripture right there on my phone is such a handy tool! If I need to quickly find specific verses or chapters while reading a book or talking with a friend, I can easily pull out my phone to search for a keyword or look up the section myself. It’s also much easier to carry around than a physical copy and is useful if I forget to grab one on my way out the door to the church or a Bible study. In addition to scripture, the Holy Bible app (Apple or Droid) has a section called “YouVersion” which offers a large variety of Bible study or devotional options and even has a feature where you can add friends and go through specific devotionals with them or simply share what you’ve been reading lately.

Natural Cycles

I purchased Natural Cycles (Apple and Droid) and the thermometer a few months into my marriage and am already in love with it. For me personally, I didn’t like the idea of taking a pill, getting a shot, or having an IUD. I didn’t want extra hormones or foreign objects placed inside of me, I wanted something simple that still allowed my body to operate naturally. Natural Cycles assists users in tracking their periods and avoiding, or pursuing, pregnancy—wherever you’re at in life! To use Natural Cycles to its fullest potential, you have to make a habit of entering your temperature every morning before you get up for the day. The app is visually appealing and uses the colors red and green to demonstrate when to be careful and when you don’t need to worry. The more you enter your temperature, the more the Natural Cycles uniquely knows you and the more “green” days you’ll have.

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As I mentioned above, I don’t advocate for spending all of our time on phones. There is so much life to do, so much in this world to see, and so many people who need our love, but I am all aboard for using the tools God has given us to pursue healthier and more disciplined lives, lives that are a reflection of Him.

Use these tools to strengthen you, to equip you, and to help you follow Biblical principles. In whatever spiritual work God calls you to do, go to Him in prayer and ask Him for the tools and ability to do it and God will “bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work” (2 Corinthians 9:8).




Abounding Faith

Abounding Faith