My name is Kara. Welcome to my blog, Found in Fargo!

Welcome // Found in Fargo

Welcome // Found in Fargo

Recently, I've been horrible at writing consistently. I think it's partly because of the work I do as a writer/editor and partly because leisure writing for me is usually handwritten and therefore, more time-consuming.

Through the chaos that is this season of my life, I've decided to start this blog. I've actually been meaning to do this since I graduated in freakin' MAY (procrastination skills on point) but better late than never. The intention is to update family and friends on life events — as anyone close to me knows I'm TERRIBLE at responding to text messages — and to keep my thoughts all in one place.

Goal: to post once per week
That's easy ... right? I guess we'll find out.

The concept of "Found in Fargo" is the product of 4+ years of growth & change in a place I'll always — no matter where I go — call HOME. This is my way of honoring the community that helped me realize who I am, especially in my walk with Jesus. (Fargo photo above was taken by my friend Karisa on a Red River Zoo date!)

I'll be starting out super simple, hoping to grow in the future. I'm a perfectionist and it's difficult for me to start something that isn't up to my standards yet, but I know God is breaking off lies of what "perfection" means even as I type these words.

My prayer for this platform is that whoever is reading can also recognize the lies that have been spoken to them and find a safe place to pursue Jesus and live boldly with a community that loves and is interceding for them, even if we've never met face-to-face.

Here goes nothing!


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