Why “Found in Fargo”?

“Found in Fargo” is the product of 4+ years of growth & change. This city will always be HOME & this is how I choose to honor that, no matter where I go.

This space is to share my life with friends & family … & maybe some random strangers who happen to find me. It’ll be life updates, thoughts that I need to get onto “paper” & other random ideas.


About me

I’m a small-town North Dakota native who moved to Fargo for college in 2013. I fell in love with the city & the community of people who surrounded me. After marrying my best friend in May of 2018, we relocated from Fargo to Fort Myers, Florida. In February of 2019, we packed up again & moved BACK to Fargo—at least for a few years!

I’m a lover of open-calendar days (yet I always book up my schedule) & dreaming of far off places, but I’m also striving daily to be intentional & pursue the community I presently have around me—which can take on many forms. I’m on a (low-key) natural health journey that I’m taking slow, but steady, by learning something new every single day. Crying just because is a daily occurrence, I wish mojitos counted as staying hydrated & unless it’s about me, any information I share is usually followed by, “I might have just made that up …”

As I freelance writer/editor, I have the opportunity to spend my days (& make money, WHOO!) writing about awesome companies who promote flexible work & have some pretty amazing goals. I also write on a voluntary basis for a platform called We Are Beautiful.